Get Yo KLOWWWN : Asif Mian

This raw lo-fi offering from Asif Mian, gives us a break from the commercial world for a brief moment so that we might be either shocked or just bust up laughing. (Both are good in this case)


On this two-minute ride, we follow a bizarre and possibly drunken clown on his random and comical journey—packed with a message for the kids. The film was a part of RE:UP magazine’s Easy 10 short film series, sponsored by Scion.

Asif created a look and story quite different from his highly polished music video for Woodhands, yet he still worked in his stop motion antics and bizarre in-camera effects.  He also scored the piece, adding an extra layer of quirkiness.

Asif has recently signed with 1st Ave Machine, so stay tuned to see what lies ahead.

Created and Written by Asif Mian

KLOWWWN character: Luke Meginsky

Director: Asif Mian
Director of Photography: Zak Mulligan
Art Director: Asif Mian

Editor: Asif Mian and Colin Travers
Post Production: Evaq Studio
Original Music: CX KiDTRONiK
Music Score Arrangment: Asif Mian

Producer: Josh Hassin
Produced by: 1st Ave Machine
Curated by RE:UP Magazine
Sponsored by Scion

Created for Scion’s Easy 10 project

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Get Yo KLOWWWN : Asif Mian

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