F5 RE:PLAY Film Festival: Batch One

I’m very pleased to get the first batch of F5 RE:PLAY films online. We debated about how best to share these films. While sharing them all in one go would be fun, it’d be too easy to miss some tasty action. Sharing them one at time, on the other hand, would quickly become tedious.

So the compromise: Three films at a time, roughly one batch each week.

This inaugural batch includes films from Buck, Crush and Holbrooks. I’ll let the work do the talking. But before I do, I want to extend my heartfelt thanks to all the participants of the RE:PLAY Film Festival. Working on zero budget, each team created unique and inspiring nuggets of creative expression. That is a rare and wonderful treat.


Buck: “Lumber Jack’s Wood Fest”

Crush “Inspire”

Holbrooks “Bren Hystien”

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