Ahoy, Nathan Love!


The Chips Ahoy Cookie Campaign has long been based on creative kookiness and comedic timing. Who best to execute this vision? 

Look no further than Nathan Love, where you’ll find a hodgepodge of toys, pornified coloring books, melted baby dolls and gilded pipes (the plumbing kind, of course). A true blend of creative chaos and total genius.

Marching to the beat of their own drum, and charged with replicating Oz and the classic cookie character, Nathan perfectly synthesizes the old stop motion campaign with new advances of 3D animation, kicking personality and style up a notch, while maintaining the hand crafted look and feel. 

And the animation? It’s Nathan Love, duh. Keeping with the classic, Cookie enters the house of Auntie Em as a bounding mess of emotions- an effortless task for Nathaners.

Some of you will scoff at the swap from stop-mo to CG. Fear nothing, friends. Cookie is in good hands, for the gang at Nathan is the real deal, a conglomerate of crafty artists and well, talented storytellers. 

Stay tuned for Cookie part two, blazing the motion trails very soon.

Client: Kraft

Agency: DraftFCB
EVP Head of Production: Paddy Giordano
Producer: Michelle Carman
SVP / Managing Director: Patricia Messeroux
EVP Executive Creative Director: Sandy Greenberg
EVP Executive Creative Director: Terri Meyer
SVP / Creative Director: Gerald Cuesta
SVP / Creative Director: Howard Ronay

Senior Business Manager: Jennifer Rubin

Account Supervisor: Kelly Megel
Assistant Account Executive: April Blackmon
Music Producer: Gregory Grene

Director: Nathan Love
Executive Producer: Mike Harry
Producer: Derrick Huang
Creative Directors: Joe & Kate Burrascano
Character Design / Storyboards: Brad Johansen
Editing / After Effects Lead: Chase Massingill
After Effects: Mike Milyavsky
Animation Leads: Jeff Lopez, Dan Vislocky
Animators: Kevin Phelps, Ryan Moran, David Han
Character TD’s: Sean Kealey, Ylli Orana

Lighting & Rendering Lead: Mats Andersson
Texture / Lighting / Composite Artists: Sylvia Apostal, Denis Kozyrev, Anca Risca
Modeling: Tony Jung, B.F. Tsang, Luis E Perez
FX: Mothana Hussein
Pipeline TD’s: Sarah Elizabeth Clemens, Jesse Clemens, Jessica Monteiro
Scratch-Track Foley Artists: Nicholas “the Biggant” Dratch, Michael Impollonia, Chase Massingill, Fayna Sanchez, Kate Burrascano

Voice-Over Talent
Chip: Max Casella
AVO: Paul Spencer
Witch (Oz): Harriet Carmichael

Reporter (Rocky): Brad Abelle
Adrian (Rocky): Talia Shire
Music Composer: Mark Isham
Sound Lounge: Tom Jucarone
Manic: Producer- Becca Smith
Flame Artist: Johnny Starace
Pirate Toronto: Engineer- Chris Tate

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Ahoy, Nathan Love!

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