The Disco Files


Tastemaker and selector du jour, Mike Simonetti of Italians Do It Better  just did a mini-write up on what he’s calling the “best book on the early days of disco I’ve ever read”. They’ve got copies of it in the IDIB store if you’re interested in immersing yourself in some authentic disco history.

“hello. we are proud to announce that as of today we have copies of THE DISCO FILES in our store. This is by far the best book on the early days of disco i have ever read. It was written by Vince Aletti, who was the first person to cover the NYC disco scene. This is his memoir, and it contains stories, charts & photos. The charts are from clubs all over the world from regional djs of the day. At 484 pages long, this is no joke! Its a must for anyone who is a fan of Italians or dance music in general. A great book to learn from. Seriously, i’ve been waiting for this for years! Thank our friends at for this one…It is imported from the UK so it is slightly more expensive but it is worth every penny. Plus you are supporting a micro indie label with a huge undertaking which is this book.”

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