Renault Megane Advert (Concept)

Renault Megane advert (Concept) from eutopia vfx on Vimeo.

Hi there everyone! I would like to share my latest personal project with the community. Its a recreation of a TV car advert (Renault Megane). My aim with this project was to produce a high quality finished video focusing more on the production workflow, compositing and post-production aspects. I am pretty happy with the final result but would love to hear from you guys what you think.

This project is a one man job over approx. 45 days production time and with limited resources.

Please take into account that this project was not focused on the modeling side and that´s why I used a library model for the car and some library objects for the background elements.

PS. This is not a commercial project

Really looking forward to hear what you think!

Kind Regards!
Miguel Carballal

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