Looking for Talented Artists

Hey All

I’ve created a brand new website for VFX, Audio and Multimedia producers for all competence levels. It’s at www.projuice.org

Pro Juice is a weekly presenter driven online portal and television series about music, video and multimedia for ‘guerrilla producers’ that want to make, distribute and market their media. An ever expanding demographic, ranging from industry professionals to the legions of creative types who dabble in all forms of digital media.

We’re looking for up and coming as well as established artists to feature on the spotlight section. If you think you’ve got the chops or you think you know someone that does… copy the questions below into a word document, fill it in and send it to us at pro.juice.tv@gmail.com



Please fill in the following information and we’ll format it and upload it to the website. Hopefully people will view your profile, be influenced by your work or get in contact with you to produce work for them! It would also be great if you could provide us with a picture of yourself (or something to represent you) to include on the web page.

1. Name

2. Age

3. Education

4. Occupation

5. Creative Influences

6. Software/Hardware of Choice

7. Awards/Grants/Achievements

8. Tell us about a piece of work you are particularly proud of and why? (500 words max)

9. Link to Work

10. Contact Details (Optional)
a. URL:
b. Email:

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