Camera tracking data and particles

Hi all!

I want to import camera tracking data from Syntheyes into Combustion but cant get it to work. I’m sure there is something I am missing here being new to this workflow. Could somebody give me some hints or leads to tutorials to what I’m doing wrong?

I’ve tracked my footage in Syntheyes a and have solid tracking of 3D space. When I import it to Combustion I have 4 null operators and my footage in a layer on its own. The four points from Syntheyes tracks the footage perfectly.
Now I want to assign a particleoperator so I can put some fire on a wooden floor (in the footage). But I can only assign the particle operator to the footage itself, wich means it stays solid in the middle of the frame instead of following the cameratracking.
Is there a way ( and please be very specific) to assign a particleoperator in a layer on its own so it can be parented by the camera?



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