Pixel Aspect Ratio Problem Maybe?

I picked up the LE of Fusion just to see what it was like. I mostly do any compositing in After Effects but wanted to see what Fusion had to offer, seeing it is node based.

I’ve already finished this compositing clip in AE but wanted to try it in Fusion. However, it wont work. The renders of the bg and the character are from the same camera in Maya, set at 720×486. When I overlay everything in a 720 comp in AE, it’s perfect. However, when I do it in Fusion, my character is 50 times as big. It looks normal in both windows when they aren’t merged.

I gave as much info as I could in this jpg. Could anyone tell me maybe why the character is fitting so big overtop of this bg? I noticed the pixel aspect ratio looks different in the bg loader but Im not sure why as its a 720×480 image… I can’t figure out what the problem is. Thanks.

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