Importing FBX or OBJ sequences

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Since this has been asked for some times now,
I just wanted to point out that there’s a new tip available on VFXPedia.…_Techniques#3D

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So if you have saved an FBX or OBJ sequence out of your 3D application
and want to bring it into Fusion on a per-frame basis
this is how it works in Fusion5:

This assumes you have a sequence of FBX or OBJ like "MyMesh0000.obj, MyMesh0001.obj, etc.
and want to have MyMesh0000 at frame 0 and MyMesh0001 at frame 1 of your composition.

– Add an FBXMesh3D to your scene and load any of the meshes.
– Adjust the material of the mesh in the FBXMesh’s Material tab.
– Once this is done to suit your needs, add an animation to the materials
by right-clicking on any of the color sliders and selecting "Animate MaterialsStdInputs group".
This step is very important, because else on loading a new mesh all color values would be reset.

Now for the trick. Go to the FBXMesh’s Scripting tab and in the FrameRenderScript add the lines

MyPadding=4 –set the padding of your sequence
MyFrameNum=string.format("%0"..MyPadding.."d", time) –derive the framenumber from the current time in padded format
ImportFile="Comp:\\OBJ_SEQUENCE\\MyMesh"..MyFrameN um..".obj"

Most likely you would have to tweak the path to your needs.

That’s it.

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