Geoff Manaugh is a senior editor at Dwell magazine and the founder and author of  BLDGBLOG. Since 2004, he’s been culling together a fascinating look at the way humans shape and exist in their environment. On the website, you’ll find topics ranging from  Ghillie Suits to  Hydro-Manhattan and Planet Hardrive as well as a stockpile of incredible interviews. And now you can buy the book (or at least pre-order it from Amazon )!!


About the Book
“Here author Geoff Manaugh presents his insights in book form combining history urban exploration science fiction design climate change and city planning with the view that everything is relevant to architecture. With five captivating and colorfully illustrated chapters The BLDGBLOG Book is sure to delight and inspire the builder the thinker and the visionary in all of us. ” (Amazon)

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