I need some direction from you guys

Hey all,

I am a web/graphic designer that is completely doing something that I don’t belong in. I’ve been a lover of visual effects ever since the Delorean hit 88 miles per hour back in 1985. I am 35 years, I have a passion for film movie magic. I don’t really know where I belong, but I know that movies is where i want to be. I’ve been doing more research about compositing, and think that’s where I want to be, but I also love motion graphics, video editing, audio editing.

Here’s my website, since I am a designer, you won’t see much viz effects, but I want that to change.

Another question, I’ve been thinking about doing the Pixelcorps online training, I wanted to get some input on that, is it worth it? Is it not? I really am serious about this guys, I watch the reels over at Stargate Films and I get emotional seeing how incredible visual effects and movie magic is. I will not stop til I arrive to the place I know I belong.

Thanks for your opinions and inputs.

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