Help with Digital Amputation

I want to amputate my feet digitally. I googled around and found this article (scroll to mid page for the example) about how they used green socks / keyed them out and comped in a clean background to fill the holes.

I tried to do a quick and dirty test with my computer camera and a green sock. here are the very unconvincing results. I guess the biggest difference is that they got a flawless key. So How do I get a flawless key? I don’t need to model a numb and put it on as my amputation is hidden by my pant leg. I just need the rest of my leg to disappear

I used keylight in aftereffects to key out the green socks. I usually use keylight to key out backgrounds but for this effect with the amputation it seems to not work out as well. if at all. Any tips / workflow would be greatly appreciated.

I tried to incorperate what i learned in this previous thread from these forums but I think it may have been over my paygrade

I’m REALLy trying to avoid rotoscoping this (good old no budget feature with not alot of time / resources)

I would be deleteing my feet in 3 shots:

1. walking around the kitchen
2. walking / running to bus
3. walking down stairs of brownstone

Just for context here is some pieces of the film

Any help / tips would be greatly appreciated!

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