Greenscreen and Hair!

Hi everyone,
I want to ask some advice here… I shot some greenscreen footage for my university video and I got stuck doing compositing…
The video was shot in HDV format with camera that has 4:2:0 color compression… Everything went good up until the scenes where two characters intersect with each other… The problem is that one guy (the one on the floor) has quite fluffy hair

and when I pull a key I lose some of that hair.. Now that would be acceptable on its own (in my opinion) but when the second character crosses the guy on the floor the hair pops-up (since its not behind the greenscreen now)… and that looks really crappy when I play it..

I’ve tried to adjust my color key, but probably because of the camera compression I just can’t get good key… I’ve tried using a patch from Photoshop where I clone stamped the hair to make it look more dense and then track it on top of the video layer, but the guy shakes his head during the sequence so the patch doesn’t look right as well…
I can’t reshoot the scene so I have to somehow work this out…

I was wondering if anyone has any advices or different approaches to suggest?

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