Organizing Macro Tabs


I fairly new to Shake 4.1, having bought it recently. While having some background as DFX+ user, I´m finding Shake far easier to understand the why and how of the comp processes, not meaning to put down DFX+, but the way Shake gives you control i find it more "natural", at least for me, something i´m really enjoying.

I know Shake interface is highly customizable, but before breaking something, i´d prefer to ask.
I´m installing all the macros i can find that i guess might become useful (mainly from FXShare), but i see that sometimes they create their own tab, even when it might only be one macro, something that´s beginning to add more clutter that i´d like to have. I would like to move those lonely macros to the Other tab, but i´m not sure how to proceed. I´ve fully read the 3 manuals but i must confess i´ve overlooked a bit the interface and macro creation parts, thinking these would be more convenient at a later stage.

So it might actually be covered in the books, and then i would appreciate some help as to how to proceed (or where to look up), in case this is doable.

many thanks

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