McDonald's "Heart Winter"

Winter is coming, and this year it’s bringing some hot and tasty white cocoa refreshment along with a bevy of nonsensical cuteness. Thanks to the folks at Leo Burnett for letting us get our winter flavorscape on. Directed by Buck Executive Creative Director: Ryan Honey Executive Producer: Maurie Enochson Associate Creative Directors: Jenny Ko, Steve Day CG Supervisor: Doug Wilkinson Producer: Billy Mack Production Coordinator: Kaitlyn Mahoney Storyboards: Morgan Schweitzer, Vincent Lee, Marcus Park, Susan Yung Design: Jenny Ko, Yuki Yamada, Susan Yung, Gunnar Pettersson, Ken Gunn Lee, Joe Mullen Cel Animation: Kendra Ryan, Kyle Mowat, Eric Cheng, Laura Yilmaz, Craig Yamamoto, Ben Conkin, Song Kim AE Animation & Compositing: Nick Petley, Simon Ekstrand Appel, Anthony Madlangbayan, Zach Eastburg, Esteban Esquivo, Jake Portman, Ariel Costa 3D Artists: Wing Lee, Florent Raffray

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