ChuChu TV launches new ‘Learning English is Fun’ series for YouTube

ChuChu TV, one of the most watched YouTube channels in India and Asia Pacific, today announced that they have launched a new series Learning English is Fun targeting toddlers around the world. This early English language learning series will be exclusively available on YouTube and YouTube Kids.

ChuChu TV, with over eight billion views and 8.5 million subscribers, is one of the most popular edutainment YouTube channels in the world, with audiences in 75 countries.

Reflecting on the programme, ChuChu TV Studios, co-founder and creative head, B.M. Krishnan said, “We are extremely excited to work on this new YouTube exclusive series for kids and add a path breaking series to our growing list of shows. With ChuChu TV being watched around the world, our vision is to help kids become fluent in a language that is one of the widely spoken across the world. This is our way of making it easier for kids to learn English in a fun, creative and memorable way, irrespective of where they are located – a small town in Africa or a suburb of New York or a city in India. We are working towards creating a more connected world.”

Learning English is Fun is a set of 40 x 5 minute videos targeted at kids aged zero to five years and aims to teach English in a fun, effective and engaging way. Each episode will have ChuChu, the protagonist of the show and her friends introducing a letter of the alphabet and exploring other preschool concepts like shapes, colours, numbers, actions and many more ideas. The full series will be available on YouTube for general viewers, as well as the YouTube Kids app made with families in mind.

The content has been designed to help children learn with an open mind, have fun while learning and feel the joy of discovering something new and imbibing it. The highlight of the show will be ChuChu TV’s signature storytelling and catchy songs. The songs are based on the letter of the episode and have interactive games / activities woven in to help children remember and enhance their learning experience. Each episode is set in different, exciting locations, opening up a world of adventure, beyond the normal classroom learning for preschoolers.

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