“You walk for me, walk for me, walk for me”


I’m not the one to speak authoritatively on NYC gay culture, but any movement that throws vogueing, 90’s vocal house, men’s leggings, Gucci Mane, happy hardcore & 2-step into a homo-thug blender AND makes sense out of it, is kinda-sorta killing it in every aspect of creativity. Our friend, Patrik North of Acéphale Recs, has been putting me up on what’s been brewing in this scene and I gotta say— I’m pretty gay for it.

If there was to be a unifying aesthetic in this “scene”, it would probably be fashion house, Hood By Air. You might be topically familiar with their designs via H & LA’s “Banjee” tank:


Their S/S ‘09 Lookbook has been up for a minute now, so go check it out.

On the music front, there’s Kingdom:


& House of Ladosha:


As per the description listed above, I don’t really know how to describe Kingdom’s music other than actually being a literal shit-mix of 90’s vocal house, Gucci Mane, happy hardcore & 2-step. All I do really know is that he likes fractals… a lot. Fader describes House of Ladosha as being “the long lost northern kin of Crime Mob”. I’m pretty confident that doesn’t even begin to sum it up… but take a look and see if you can figure it out for yourself.


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