Superfad Collaborates With MTV On ‘Indebted’ Campaign

[NEWS=””]19249[/NEWS]Animation has the powerful ability to make the abstract instantly personal and relatable. To inspire a call to action via, a joint project between mtvU and the Peter G. Peterson Foundation, Superfad has produced the second in a series of animated PSAs addressing the dangers of personal and government debt. Indebted is a campaign directed at college students that aims to raise awareness about excessive debt and promote action to help stop the fiscal crisis in the U.S.

With Indebted 2, Superfad helps illustrate what young people might expect from the future, a bleak picture if we don’t help turn back the hands of the national debt clock. This spot is the follow up to an earlier Superfad animated piece that focused on the pitfalls of personal debt.


“The main challenge we faced was walking the very fine line of making the spot desolate without being overwhelmingly depressing,” says Superfad Creative Director Adam Parry. “We worked remotely with Dax (MTV’s Director) from NY to our office in London. He is great with feedback and direction so it all ran very smoothly. We look forward to seeing where they take the campaign next but hope the need for additional spots diminishes as people heed the call to action.”

Client: mtvU & the Peter G. Peterson Foundation

Concept: MTV
Writer/Director: Dax Martinez-Vargas
Senior Director: Sophia Cranshaw

Animation Production: Superfad
Executive Producer: Stuart Robinson
Creative Director: Adam Parry

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