Kommitted Show Day In The Life Of A Hershey’s Kiss

[NEWS=”http://www.cgnews.com/wp-content/uploads/komm_hersheys_thumb.jpg”]18436[/NEWS]Nathan McGuinness of Kommitted exposes our inner chocolate obsession with a delicious :30 for Hershey’s via Arnold NYC. With VFX expertise by way of Asylum, McGuiness is able to showcase the merriment that goes into producing each and every mouthwatering Hershey’s Kiss. Opening with a churning vat of delectable milk chocolate, the Kiss is born. After being shaped, it’s then hurled into its iconic silver wrapping. Down and around a giant slide it goes, landing smoothly in a barber’s chair where it checks itself out.

Showered by cheers and well wishing paparazzi of other Kisses, a machine flings the superstar into one of three predetermined destinations. The job of the kiss is fulfilled; when it’s chosen by a young boy and handed off to his mother, whose elated face says it all.

About Kommitted:
Production company KOMMITTED Films was founded in 2005 by Director Nathan McGuinness, the Academy Award and Bafta nominated Co-Founder/Creative Director of the VFX company, Asylum. Shortly after, in 2006, veteran Executive Producer Marc Siegel was brought on to expand the directorial roster, feature film slate, and music video presence. Over a short time period, KOMMITTED Films has numerous recent high-profile spots for Target (peterson milla hooks/MN), Nintendo (Leo Burnett/Chicago) and Blackberry (RIM) (Arc Worldwide/Chicago).

The Creds:
Client: The Hershey Company
Spot Title: “Off To Work We Go”
Air Date: January 20, 2009

Agency: Arnold NYC
EVP Chief Creative Officer: John Staffen
Group Creative Director/Art Director: Kate Wadia
Copy Writer: Meghan Williams
Designer: Nate Guillard
Senior Producer: Jennifer Picarelli
Associate Producer: Marianne Toniolo

Prod Company: Kommitted
Director: Nathan McGuinness
DP: Dan Mindle
EP: Marc Siegel
Line Producer: Jodi Fisher

Animation/Visual Effects: Asylum
Animation Director: Piotr Karwas
CG Supervisor: Jason Schugardt
VFX Supervisor: Paul O’Shea
EP: Michael Pardee
Bidding Producer: Mike Hanley
Animator(s): Craig Van Dyke, Michael Warner
Conceptual Designer: Jeff Julian
Lead Lighter: Matthew Maude
Lighter(s): Brer St. Clair, Dan Abrams
CG Producer: Jeff Werner
VFX Producer: Diana Cheng

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