Troika Design Group Elevates the Drama for TNT

Troika Design Group, a strategic branding and design agency for companies in media and entertainment, has ushered in a bold new graphic design for top-rated cable network TNT. The launch of the Troika redesign coincided with the premiere of TNT’s new series “Leverage” and introduced a rich multi-dimensional world of light and color. TNT’s new on-air design was unveiled Dec. 7, 2008.

The new look pairs with TNT’s plan to air more original programming than ever in 2009. By 2010, TNT plans to shift to a largely original primetime schedule. Troika was tasked with creating a fresh and exciting design that builds upon TNT’s highly successful “We Know Drama” branding and showcases the network’s top-quality original programming. TNT’s dramatic focus allowed Troika to create a rich, expressive and dynamic look that capitalizes on the emotion within TNT’s shows and sets the network apart from the crowd.

The new design repurposes the familiar circle in TNT’s logo as a “Dramatic Light,” encircling such TNT personalities as Kyra Sedgwick from “The Closer,” Holly Hunter from “Saving Grace” and Timothy Hutton from “Leverage.” This energetic light leads to promo information and ultimately creates a new, dynamic TNT logo.

“The TNT redesign was a comprehensive effort that spanned seven months,” said Reid Thompson, Creative Director, Troika Design Group. “We worked closely with Neil DuFine, vice president of design for TNT, TBS and Turner Classic Movies, to bring focus and consensus to the entire redesign effort. Our goal was to elevate the production value of TNT and to create an ownable, complex and beautiful graphic device, which evolved into ‘Dramatic Light.’”

Troika was responsible for the new concept, design and post-production. A team of 3D and 2D artists handled tracking, compositing, editing and design. Primary VFX packages included Maxon Cinema 4D, Autodesk Maya, Adobe After Effects and Side Effects Houdini. In all, Troika delivered a comprehensive network identity package that comprised IDs, original and acquired series promotion, navigation, sales initiatives and digital packaging.

About Troika Design Group
Troika is an award-winning design agency known for its memorable visual brand identities, strategic design and creative production for clients in media and entertainment. Based in Hollywood, Troika combines a unique hybrid of skills with a team of more than 25 designers, producers, animators, editors and conceptual thinkers who specialize in network branding, show packaging and promotional and advertising campaigns. The agency was founded in 2001 and is led by industry veterans Dan Pappalardo and Chuck Carey. Troika’s approach to design is innovative, sophisticated, clever and thoughtful, while delivering standout concepts that remain faithful to client brand ideals. The company has worked with top networks, including FOX, ABC, TNT, ESPN, The CW, Starz, truTV, MHD, HGTV, E! Entertainment Television, Animal Planet, Food Network, NFL Network, VH1 and NBC Sports. For more information, please visit or call Robert Blatchford at 323.965.1650.

Design and Production: Troika Design Group
Executive Creative Director: Dan Pappalardo
Creative Director: Reid Thompson
Executive Producer: Kristen Olsen
Producer: Susan Harris
Senior Producer: Jess Ferguson
Coordinators: Aimée Safko, Trevor Steadman
Senior Animator: Mark McConnell
Lead Designer: Heather Kim
Designer/Animators: Marc Juon, Brad Mitchell, Kina Choi
Designers: Earl Jenshus, Steve Pacheco, Daniel Garcia
Animators: Cory Strassburger, Jason Mortimer, Christopher Gwynne, Everett Campbell, Adrian Dimond, Ben Vance, Jun Kim, James Hurlburt, Josh Childers
Tracker: Michael Moorehouse
Houdini Artist: Jong Woo Heo
Designer/Junior Animator: Mindy Park
Junior Animator: Alasdair John Willson
Editor: Hans Carrillo
Assistant Editor: Jeff Hayford
Design Assistant: Andrew Shin
Composer: Primal Scream

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