Pixel Magic and cebas Enter Long-Term Relationship for 2D to 3D Stereo Motion Picture

Technology from Victoria software company cebas will power conversion of “Harry Potter” and other blockbusters

The software company cebas Visual Technology Inc. and the well known visual effects house Pixel Magic have agreed to develop advanced software and workflows that are already being used for converting “Harry Potter” to 3D Stereo. The technology was successfully pioneered for the major studio epic “The Chronicles of Narnia – The Voyage of the Dawn Treader”.

Based on an intense cooperation with Pixel Magic, cebas created new algorithms and software to significantly simplify and accelerate 2D to 3D Stereo image conversion. The Pixel Magic proprietary, streamlined workflow, along with the development from cebas, enabled a timely delivery of high quality stereoscopic sequences for the most recent “Narnia” picture.

"When Head of R&D at Pixel Magic, Rifaat Dagher, approached us to come up with a more efficient and productive solution for 2D to 3D Stereo conversion, our team of German engineers was thrown into the cold water at first,” cebas CEO Edwin Braun said.

“But after a considerable amount of development and real world scenario testing with Pixel Magic, we came up with a highly optimized, unique solution. We think this will give Pixel Magic a competitive edge in stereo conversion for years to come,” he added.

Pixel Magic VFX Supervisor and lead stereographer Ray McIntyre noted: "This latest picture marks a milestone for us. Our partnership with cebas allows us to develop software that further streamlines our pipeline, decreasing the number of man days needed to complete stereo conversion work.”

Pixel Magic General Manager Scalice added: “Our client, Twentieth Century Fox, was very happy with the results in ‘Narnia’. The cebas tools were instrumental in delivering our stereoscopic 3D conversion in a timely and cost effective manner."

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