DFT’s New SCANITY Film Scanner

The SCANITY™ from DFT offers cost-effective 4K and 2K Film Scanning with TDI Line Sensor Technology for Numerous Applications

DFT Digital Film Technology, provider of high-end post production solutions, including the award-winning Spirit and Bones, is introducing SCANITY, a new film scanner that offers unprecedented speed, versatility, stability, and safe film handling. The new SCANITY serves a variety of scanning applications, including dailies, feature film mastering, archive and restoration, short-form, commercials, as well as digital intermediate scanning.

Unique Set of Features
Utilizing cost-effective technology, and offering a distinctive feature-set, the SCANITY is one of the most affordable and multi-tasking film scanners on the market today.

The SCANITY is a 4K scanner that utilizes TDI (Time Delay Integration) line sensor technology, which ensures extremely fast and sensitive film scans. The resulting image has over 4,300 horizontal pixels and automatically matches to the film frame aspect ratio (including full aperture, wide-screen, Cinemascope, VistaVision) simply by scanning as many lines as are required. On 35mm 4-perf film, SCANITY™ offers 4K scanning at up to 15 fps, 2K at up to 25 fps, and 1K up to 44 fps, 0.5K up to 69 fps, and 0.25K up to 96 fps (depending on workstation file systems, and SAN).

A new precision roller gate, also unique to the SCANITY, offers unparalleled smooth and safe film handling, even with fragile, shrunken and legacy film stocks. In conjunction with a continuous-motion capstan film transport, a touch-free Optical Pin Registration is used to scan film perforations, rather than using mechanical pins, which means no stress is placed on precious film. The film continuously travels on the roller gate, which is controlled by a high precision tacho and servo system, ensuring ultimate image steadiness and speed.

The SCANITY uses efficient LED light sources with a specific selection of spectral wavelengths that are switchable depending on the film stock and for matching to the correct colorimetry of film dyes. Another benefit to LEDs is long life and low operational cost.

Integrated and dedicated spatial image processing manages the scaling and formatting before the material is stored on local or centralized storage. A local touch-screen and a dedicated workstation allow users to control the scanner, perform image quality checks, adjust a variety of technical settings, and manage data within the attached local or SAN storage system.

The SCANITY integrates seamlessly with the comprehensive set of Bones post production software tools, which provide a variety of editing and auto-conform functions, format conversion, as well as data and video transfer for dailies and digital intermediate workflows.

Ideal for Many Applications
This fast and cost-effective scanner has been designed around technology to address a multitude of applications. SCANITY’s speed makes this unit ideal for conform scanning, dailies scanning, low-resolution browsing, and video-like applications. The new film transport without sprockets, pins, or skid-plates makes it ideal for sensitive and fragile film in restoration and archiving applications. SCANITY is faster than any other available scanning product for Dailies scanning and EDL/conform scanning of feature films and short-form scans including commercials.

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