3D Real-Time Rendering Software for Animation

INTERACTIVE RENDERING OF LIGHTS, SHADOWS, AO, HDR, DOF, etc. …all in real-time! It’s like photoshop for 3D!

Realtime 3D graphics on your desktop

StudioGPU’s flagship software, MachStudio™ Pro, is a real-time 3D technology that complements existing design, modeling and animation software by significantly reducing the time and cost to produce CG images.
The software’s robust feature-set incorporates the latest advances in graphic processing and hardware rendering, giving designers, animators, architects, engineers and any other 3D developer a real-time environment to view their project, explore design choices, prepare presentations, and create animation. This not only gives artists unprecedented flexibility to achieve the best possible results, but also empowers developers with the latest and most powerful visual materials for their sales teams.


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