Massive Grain

Hey. I am a student at SVA in NYC working on my senior thesis and I am not sure what to do about one of my shots.

It has composited footage as the foreground and midground, but the background is a matte painting. The foreground/midground come from the same source so there is no issue with matching grain. However, they are relativly grainy (especially in the figure’s face) and I am having trouble matching the grain on the matte painting. If I fully match it the grain is huge and looks just awful. I have tried adding SOME grain, but it just looks akward and as though I do not know what I am doing. At the moment we have no grain on it at all but we think it looks too clean. I have included a video (uploaded to vimeo… the grain really isnt that visable.. But I thought I would include it anyway…) as well as a still. If anyone has any suggestions or solutions I would appreciate it very much 🙂

Also, any critiques on the shot/piece as a whole would be appreciated as well!
If anyone is interested my Thesis Partner and I have a blog where we post updated WIP etc. the URL is

thank you in advance for any help!!

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