The one thing I hate about ABC News Breakfast. (Plus, all the stuff I like about it).

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ABC News Breakfast has been on air for about six months now, and the more I watch it, the more I find myself enjoying it.

It’s very much ‘radio on the television’, with rolling news, interviews, weather and quite literally radio on the television when they cross to interviews around the country being conducted on various ABC radio stations.

Available on the digital only ABC2, or streamed live online, its a fresh change from the infotainment formats adopted by its rivals. It presents itself as an honest and often frank outlet for news, with the daily look at the front pages of the papers often devolving into an interesting analysis of the media.

The programmes Twitter page; @breakfastnews has become essential tracking during the broadcast, with insight from the shows producer about whats coming up, whose running late, and what’s going on behind the scenes, it’s easily one of the first actually useful applications of Twitter I’ve seen a TV show use.

But now, back to the title of this post.. The one thing I hate about ABC News Breakfast is the entire branding of the programme, and its the one tip of my hat I’ll give to rival Sunrise. “ABC News Breakfast” is not only a clunky name, but the on-air design, sets and graphics don’t do the show any justice.

The whole thing needs a refresh, it could really look a lot better, because if there’s one thing we all know, people judge you on how you look, especially when your taking up 40 inches of space on my living room wall.

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