Short in OSLO


I’m currently in the pre-production process of a dystopian, sci-fi-kinda shortflick in Oslo Norway. With pre-prod I mean the script is drafted, although everything gearwise is fixed.

I’ve managed to borrow everything we’ll need from my workplace in terms of good lighting, crane, dolly and we’ll be shooting on a PMW-EX3 with 35mm adapter.

It’s a no-budget production and anyone, either from the Oslo area or anywhere in the world that has a good enough connection for ul/dl is welcome to contribute! Offcourse if you are from another country we’ll have to do some videoconferencing about the project and I’ll send you a script and you can input with ideas etc. I’m open for any 🙂

The plan is to send it to a couple of festivals after. I haven’t projectmanaged that many vfx-shoots tbh, so if you rather work with greenscreen or just live composition you’ll have to let me know so I can start getting things ready.

If you are interested hook me up with a mail telling me a little about yourself and hopefully linking to some work you’re done.

Be well!


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