how to put animated tattoo on moving body


I’m a student at an art college and I’m working on my thesis, which in my school, is a visual fx short. In one scene for my thesis I have to make it look as if a tattoo is animating on my live action character who is moving around. the tattoo is really intensive. it needs to wrap around the arms and face of my character so i’m not sure a simple track will cut it.
I’m wondering what is the best way, that looks the most professional, to do this? My background is mostly in After Effects and a bit of PF Track, Sillouette, and Maya. I’m also going to take a Nuke class this coming semester but I’m not sure how far past the basics we’re going to get. If you have any suggestions for how to do this with these programs it will be most appreciated – simply not going to have enough time to learn another program.

Thanks so much!

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