Ebook : “How To Get That Visual Effects Job”

Ebook :
How To Get That Visual Effects Job
(an insider’s guide to making it big working for Hollywood)



Description :
There are a million different sites and resources out there which tell you how to create visual effects, but where is all the info telling you how to take your skills and get an awesome job with them? How do you manufacture "your big break"?

In this new book, I spill my guts and share the secret tips and tricks gleaned from years freelancing as a professional feature film vfx artist. Everything in here works.

Topics covered include not only obvious topics such as creating a great showreel, but also other discussion including picking the right city to work in, things visual effects employers secretly look for in their employees, and a comprehensive 7-step plan to woo and completely win over any visual effects company recruitment department!

Give it a try.
You’ve worked hard learning the tools – now get prepared for your big break!

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