Camera test.

This sequence was shot in San-Diego dessert and is a part of a project we are working on right now.

But there is a reason why we uploaded this particular clip.

It was shot on a Panasonic NV-GS75. I got this camera many year ago, and it sure does not look like a proper film camera. It is just an example to show you people that it really does not depend on the camera you shoot with.

You can make everything look cool, as long as you have the right components…and the camera is just one of many components you need. Even for a silly clip like this one.

I hope my message comes across here.. Just go out there and Film! Guys there are way to many people who don´t even dare to film a movie because they think, they do not have the right equipment… I can only tell you one thing.

I bet your film is better than my first movies!

Here is the Dessert scene:

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