Animated tattoo on moving body?

I’m a junior at a visual fx college and i have to make some killer composites for my thesis short that is due in my senior year. In one scene, what I want to do is make an animated tattoo on somebody who is moving around a room. i want to figure out the best as well as easiest (aka. fastest) way to achieve this and look professional. We have months to work on this but we have a full course load to focus on as well, so it has to look perfect but time is a big factor.
My background is strong in After Effects as well as Photoshop and Illustrator. I know the fundamentals of Maya and a little bit of advanced concepts as well. I’m also taking a Nuke class this coming semester but I’m not sure how far past the basics we will get. I can, however, get other students’ help on this who are stronger in the programs that I’m not. Also, everything will be shot in HD.

thank you for any help you can give me ^.^

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