What is the best way to learn Flame before hopping on a system?

Hey there,
I’m a young compositor who’s learning the ropes through some FXPHD courses on Nuke and Fusion. I’m going into an internship in June (my first real work experience!!) and the facility that I’m going to be in is using Flame systems. Now, although I’m doing clerical work and making coffee for my time here, I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t hoping to stick it out and ultimately work there. C’mon, how can you beat working on a Flame?? Before I start my internship, I really want to harness some general knowledge about Flame, and since I don’t have 10 or 20 grand to spend, I was curious if there’s a good enough way to understand the basics and UI on a Flame so I can go in being semi-proficient and understanding of what I’m observing and learning while I’m there. I’ve heard that Combustion has a similar layout? Is the UI 100% different from the more ‘feature film’ oriented compositing software like Nuke, Shake, etc.?


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