weird compositing-page in the wiki

since there’s no commeting or discussion-feature (ala wikipedia) in the wiki, i’m posting this here…

first, who came up with this 20th century definition of compositing!? it sounds like someone copied it from a 1985 textbook or something. why not put a couple if pictures in there and extend the page a little.

and the part about effects animation and sfx doesn’t need to be in there at all, but should be in a seperate article! (by the way noone calls it "cgi effects" anymore! it’s cg effects or visual effects and they are not a part of special effects!)

p.s. it’s really weird to edit wki-pages in that teeny-tiny editing window! either do it right or let it go altogether. it’s gonna be really tough convincing people to update or contribute to a wiki like that…

just my 2cents


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