The VFX Business Contracts, Profit, India

Hi guys,

I’m a college student who is having an extremely hard time getting any meaningful information on how the vfx industry works. I’m trying to put together a paper on how well the big name studios do (profit, bargaining power with clients, etc.), while also talking to the rise of outsourcing of vfx/animation work to India.

For India, I am wondering how they price the contracts, ie. how much below US market price do they have to go to get the work. Can they make money just doing a lot of the fairly unsophisticated work? Are directors open to working with Indian firms? Are there sucess stories? I can find a little information about some Indian firms and US firms that now have a back office in India, but information on how these companies function is very hard to find. I can understand what the Indian vfx companies do as far as projects, but I have not understood how the business/relationships are run.

Any help would be tremendously appreciated. I am barely treading water with what is accessible on the internet.

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