Thanks for everything this year VFXTalk!

Its been a while since I’ve had a chance to check in with this community! I checked in once maybe back in late October, and decided to come back quickly before the year is up to wish everyone happy new year, and thanks for all the input from all the professionals here adding in their two cents and guiding each other.

I originally started on this site back in school, learning compositing, and coming here for extra critique, and adding my own views to others with questions. It was such a wonderful community, and being able to talk to so many professionals actually in the industry first hand and to pick their brains about everything vfx related was such an amazing opportunity, I had to become a sponsor.

Since then, I now am a professional in the industry (by definition), I work doing motion graphics and visual effects together in a nice oreo cookie of awesomeness at Electronic Arts, making a good wage (and making sure of it thanks to VFXWages), and getting able to explore my creativity. I would consider myself a success story to VFXTalk as through this community I have taken the knowledge passed down to me from the greats on this site, sifted through all of it, applied what I’ve gleaned to my own career and have made something awesome of it.

So it was most discouraging to have this site brought to my attention:…cg-censorship/

These are costly mistakes that I feel will ultimately ruin this site. I hope that from the ashes of this though, a new site will be created after the apparent merger with sputnik and that we have all learned valuable lessons from this incident.

I will continue to be a member of this site, and continue to provide critiques and guidance where I can despite these recent incidents, as I feel an obligation to give back what I took from here and hope others do the same. 😎

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