So since this forum/site is falling apart…

Hey guys,

For a few years now, we –the members of the VFXTalk site — have formed a pretty well-established community and camaraderie where we were able to discuss pretty much anything related to our industry (even unrelated ones too). Suffice it to say, most of us want to save this "community" we’ve established (after all, it took years for it to be formed).

I firmly believe that this community we created is not bound by websites, servers, and URLs. So regardless of the webserver that hosts our discussions, as long as we’re all together and are actively participating we still have this community.

I and a few others have banded together and have moved to facebook ( ). With all the chaos on the VFXTalk site, the facebook group is the most feasible solution at the moment (it’s free, easily accessible, and all are equals (no VIPS). We would love to see you join us, so we can preserve our community:

And in case a new site arises in the future to replace VFXTalk, at least we know where to find you (i.e., on the facebook group) and send you additional info when necessary.

Lovingly Yours,

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