"A grievance may arise from injustice or tyranny, and be cause for rebellion or revolution."

What does this have to do with VFX. You decide. I feel like the community has not pushed forward in a while, we keep getting reoccurring threads of "Hi, I’m new but I didn’t take 15 minutes to use the search function and forgot that I have a search engine of some sort on my browser to explore the ultraweb for this answer, can you please give me an answer in the next 5 minutes before have to take more Adderall or my :censored: head will explode even though I wont respond to this thread for 4 days."

While I do see a lot of help being given in the area of scripting and plugin writing (an area of comp apps I am fairly weak in, and I appreciate the reading the solutions and the in depth discussions members have provided), and helpful solutions to "I’m stuck why isn’t this working" type questions. I am start to be annoyed by many new threads that overlap too much. I’m just not sure at what point does overlap in other subjects become annoying or just part of having a message board.

I happy to know we have the whole range or artist levels from VFX Sup, Sr, Mid, Jr Artists, Students, and Newbs, and this pool ranges the span of the globe. Each member benefits from this site in his own way.

I guess I should stop my rant here. :p Glad I got that out.

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