Comp Reel Watchers

Hello all,

This thread is mainly concerned with the current state/need of demo reel content for compositors. If you are in the position of screening reels for a studio, what impresses the most?

I am 1 month away from finalizing my first student reel, and have a few specific questions.

I have 4 shots focusing on different areas.

1. Roto and character interaction with added CG environment.
2. Matte painting and added CG environment integrated with a plate.
3. Projection clean-plating and roto and CG environment add/replace.
4. Mostly CG shot with practical effects integrated.

Seeing as this follows close to curriculum here at Full Sail, that is the structure of my skill set within the shots.

Would this be a strong compositing setup or should I implement more obvious greenscreen/matte skills. I have a ton in my shots, I just dont have any shots that are 100% greenscreen integration. All of them are plate dependent integration shots.

Also, how important are distracting pass reveals on a reel. I just want to stick to simple linear wipes and pass names. Quick and to the point.

I’ll post some screens as examples shortly.

Thanks in advance for the responses.


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