Spin VFX Toronto has an opening for an experienced TD.

Applicants must have:

Knowledge of Maya a must

General RenderMan experience, to include:

– knowledge/experience with RenderMan (AIR especially but 3Delight or PRMan are in the same family). This also includes experience writing renderman shading language (RSL) code, writing tools to generate RIB or RenderMan procedurals.

– prior work with MayaMan or another similar tool for converting Maya scenes to RIB (eg. PRMan’s tools or 3Delight for Maya)

– experience with version control tools such as CVS or subversion.

Experience in a heterogeneous computing environment, development using farm management software like Qube

Programming abilities, languages such as C/C++, python, MEL

General computing background, eg. a degree in Computer Science.

– Highlight any experience in research or development of image processing, databases, simulation, distributed computation, or interface design. A background in mathematics would be a plus.

Experience with multiple operating systems, including Windows NT, Linux, and Mac OSX

Experience with other VFX programs (other 3d apps such as XSI, 2d apps such as Fusion, Shake, etc.) is an asset

Ability to work with artists, producers, and all levels of management

Considered to be definite assets:

Knowledge of programming languages such as Java, XML/XSLT

Experience with SQL databases such as MySQL or PostGreSQL

Experience with networks and blades, including gigabit networks/switches, blade systems and IBM xCat

This is a full time position to start as soon as possible.

Please submit resumes to

Due to the large number of resumes being received only qualified applicants will be contacted.

No phone calls or drop-ins please.

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