Star Wars


Yes you have read correctly. We are on the road of making a Star Wars short film. Actually five of them!.
And as an Star Wars film, much of the weight will be taken by the visual effects technicians. That’s my part:

We need 3D modelers and texture artists. We have quite an interesting group of spaceships design by the art department in a entire new way.

This job is a not paid job and here are the facts about the why:

a) This is not another Star Wars fan film. The script has a seal of approval only given by Lucas Licensing. This means that they have read the script, and the have aprroved it. This is the only LEGAL WAY that you can be a holder of a license that let’s you use the characters, the planets, the names, the lightsabers in you short film without being demmanded by Lucas.

b) Once your approval is corfirmed, you agree to accept this clause: Lucas Licensing and Lucasfilm let’s you use all about the Star Wars universe, but you CAN’T EARN A PENNY for the use you gave to that. This means that all has to be NON-PROFIT.

I think that pretty much this explains why this is a non pais job.

But far beyond than cosidering this as a disadvantage, let’s turn all the cards face up. We must say that in our team, we have people awarded with a Goya, and some people awarded with an OSCAR. Yes your eyes don’t lie, we have people that have been recipients of an Academy Award, and they are working with us all in this complex beautifull project. And all to be told if there ever was a doubt, NONE OF US ARE GETTING PAID FOR THE JOB WE DO IN THIS PROJECT, AND THE GOYA WINNER AND THE OSCAR WINNERS ARE NOT BEING PAID ALSO. We are all in the same condittion, no favoritism in here.

This is a worldwide open position, it doesn’t matter where are you from nor where you live now. The work can be done at home. No presence is required.

So are you ready to join an Oscar Awarded team? If the answer is yes, send an email to this address:
Spain (Europe)

It’s gonna be big!


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