Senior Roto Prep Artist @ MPC London


MPC is looking to recruit talented artists to join their facility in London.

Paint/Prep Artists prepare 2D digital plates for compositing. Typical tasks range from wire and rig removal, cleaning greenscreens, through to plate recreation. Artists employ various techniques including compositing, painting, and projecting.
Artists at this level should have flawless and quick rotoscope capabilities. You should understand and evaluate what needs to be rotoscoped, and quality-check your own work. Basic painting and prep skills will start to be refined in this role, and artists will use software packages including Silhouette, Shake, Nuke, Mocha, Photoshop, amongst others. Artists should have a basic understanding of how to properly implement matchmove cameras to help with projecting.

Skills, Knowledge and Experience:

* Knowledge of Nuke and basic knowledge of Unix.
* At least 2+ years Roto Prep Exp
* Ability to roto in Silhouette, and import tracks from Boujou and other programs
* Compositing mattes to check paint/prep work, using Shake or Nuke
* Painting and prep skills in various software packages
* Working knowledge of projecting for paint/prep tasks
* A strong eye for detail and precision.
* Ability to organize your time, collaborate and effectively communicate with your supervisors and team mates, and be able to take direction.
* Excellent organizational, communication, and interpersonal skills.
* Ability to deliver on schedule while working under pressure if required.

Salary: Competitive remuneration package
Location: London
Application Closing Date: Ongoing recruitment

This is an exciting opportunity to work in the dynamic world of visual effects. If you are interested please apply online.….cruitment.html

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