Senior Concept Artist @ MPC London


Based in Soho, London , you will be working across all company projects from the film department to the commercial department.

The Art department has already been involved with projects such as the Da Vinci Code, Harry Potter 4 , 5 and 6, Narnia Prince Caspian, The Golden Age, the Other Boleyn Girl and The Watchmen.

You will produce concept art for pitches, working on character and environmental design . You will also have to provide creative documents to support the VFX Supervisor’s artistic vision.

You’ll be joining a small team of complementary talent where you will need to be pro-active and a strong communicator.

The Art Department produces high quality work at all times and looks to keep that constant to satisfy supervisors and client needs.

Technical skills

* Ability to switch between different quality render s : hand sketch drawing/colour sketch on photoshop/high end realistic renders on Photoshop.
* Master at Photoshop
* Good knowledge of photography
* Matte painting experience and other software skills would be an advantage.

General skills

* Thorough understanding of digital/traditional and Graphic art techniques.
* Ability to evaluate with precision the time you need to execute a task .
* Ability to multi-task and to adapt easily to change.
* Previous experience in the film industry is always better but not essential.
* An interest in stories and how to tell them.

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