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Double Negative is a full-service VFX facility capable of handling projects from initial design through on-set supervision and production to post-production. All key post-production technologies are available in-house to allow for maximum flexibility. Our R&D Department is constantly developing groundbreaking software to ensure we remain at the cutting edge of global VFX.
We are currently in production on John Carter Of Mars, Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows, Paul, Captain America: The First Avenger and Attack The Block.

Job Title: Resource Manager
Department: Production
Location: London
Reports To: MD and CEO

Key Purpose of the Job

* Take responsibility for the overall company schedule working hand in hand with VFX Producers, Heads of 3D and 2D to allocate crew

Needs to do

* Forward planning to identify potential opportunities for new work to come into the business and potential allocation of crew
* Working closely with HR and Heads of Department to identify recruitment needs

* Analysing data and pulling relevant reports, which help inform decisions within the business and give visibility of the Schedule in a meaningful way.


* 5 years minimum of professional Visual Effects production experience
* Strong Understanding of VFX 3D animation processes
* Strong Management Skills
* Evidence of being a leader or role model at a team level
* Demonstrated Success engaging in Problem Solving Techniques
* Strong Oral Communication Skills
* Strong communication and analytical skills.

Needs to be

* Must be skilled at quick analysis, problem solving and decision making in order to meet ongoing daily/weekly challenges with solutions, as well as the capacity to see longer term strategic goals in terms of resourcing and the demands of upcoming projects.
* Proven track record in project management
* Capable of organising and co-ordinating people, with enthusiasm and clarity
* Calm, organised and methodical in their approach to the work

If you are interested please send your CV and cover letter to

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