MPC Vancouver: VFX Editorial Assistant

Position Summary:

The VFX Editorial Assistant’s primarily role is to manage all Data I/O for the film Editorial Department. They are responsible for the movement, management and logging of all data to and from the Editorial Department. Within this, support for the VFX Editors in reviews (FCP and 2k), client sessions and reel making are just as important.

Duties and Responsibilities:

  • Transferring, either manually or automatically, all scans that arrive via FTP or drive on to the system.
  • Ensure quality control of all scans that are uploaded to the system by referencing against turnover sheets to see any duplicates, extras or missing incorrect scans and then be able to flag this with the Head of Editorial/Production
  • Generate dailies from the scans, and of any reference QuickTime generated internally or delivered from the clients and measure quality control
  • Set frames and rename for DI purposes to the convention defined by the client and upload to the FTP checking whether the frames are graded/ungraded dependant upon what is required
  • Responsible for uploading all reference material in a suitable format to the system, manually or via the Hub
  • Manage all Film data, including setting naming conventions when loading scans, referencing all new shots and scenes
  • Archive, delete, copy, move requests will be placed by I/O into the Wrangler queues and managed
  • Reel requirements vary but include Monthlies and cutting film department showreels
  • Cut final and technical breakdown reels for each show upon completion and see through to the final 2k conform
  • Aid or lead in the creation of all other PR materials, podcasts and job specific/bespoke reels
  • Creation and management of stockpile of disks on standby for output to CD/DVD’s and assist with client deliveries via disk and tape


  • Ability to use and manage Linux, PC Windows and Mac
  • Proficiency in Final Cut Pro
  • Carry out tasks unsupervised
  • Team player, good communication skills, attention to detail, flexible


  • Location: Vancouver, Canada
  • Start Date: February 2011
  • Duration: 6 months

If this position sounds of interest then please get in touch, sending your resume to:

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