Help for the rotoscoping of “Kaydara”

Hello everyone,

I am Savitri Joly-Gonfard and I am finishing the post-production of "Kaydara" along with Raphaël Hernandez.
Kaydara is a sort of "Film-Thesis" of 50min based on "The Matrix" world. This film can be called an "amateur" one since we did not get any money to produce it.
"Ratrix Hero" composed the first 6min of the film:
The film is almost done but as I am writting we still have about 300 shots that have to go under the "rotoscoping" process (it is the only thing left since the compositing is done) with the software After Effects.
Being only two working on the film, there is no doubt that there are longs weeks (not to say months) ahead of us to finish this work.

So I am calling for help to anyone who would like to give us a hand. Because if many people help us for the rotoscoping it can be done quite fast!!
A shot last for about 3sec= 75 images.

This work is not very creative and i could only thank you by putting your name in the credits since we do not have any money for this project.

If you are interested , you can reach me at :

Kind Regards,


Lien making of Kaydara :


Lien ratrix sur youtube :


Lien bande annonce Kaydara :


Site officiel Ratrix hero :

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