Freelance VFX’er wanted for artist album cd ad

Hi all,

I am looking , with some urgency, for somebody to put together short tv style video advertisement for an artist album release.

After spending an evening researching how this stuff is done and getting to grips with the basics in after effects I have made a little example of the concept I had in mind.

Here is the draft artwork for the product on its own

What i was envisaging was this:
Tunnel perspective with camera movements
Particle steams extending out in this tunnel perspective as well as the graphic equalizer graphic
3d render of the album artwork (easily done from the layers in photoshop cs4 ?) with pulsating speaker cone sync’d to beat.
Nice easily done touches with Video Copilot Twitch maybe?
And some titles.
The ad will feature a voiceover from leading female voiceover artist Alex Hall (BBC Radio 1, Vodafone, Discovery channel and many more big clients) This would no doubt be a nice addition to someone’s showreel.
The project is very much a low budget affair, I would be able to offer £50 GBP upfront payment. The ad would be for internet screening only
If my design ideas are a little too grand for the fee offered I will glady accept something more modest.
Look foreward to hearing peoples thoughts
You can email me at
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