After Effects Motion Tracker

Image Metrics provides superior facial animation solutions to the interactive entertainment, film and television industries. Developed by a team of computer vision Ph.D.s, Image Metrics’ solutions rapidly re-create facial performances without markers or makeup, achieving levels of realism and fidelity that are unparalleled in computer graphics. Image Metrics’ solutions enjoy widespread adoption by some of the best-known production studios in the entertainment world, including Digital Domain, Rockstar Games and Sony Computer Entertainment.

Candidates must have a solid understanding of, and experience using Adobe AfterEffects software. The position needs dedicated and self-motivated people who are looking for an entry level position into the visual effects industry. You must be analytical and detail oriented to perform this important pipeline process.

This role is a full-time position based on a 40 hour working week, but overtime may be offered.

Rate for this position is $16 per hour.

The position requires the candidate to work from our Santa Monica studio.

Please respond to with a resume and link to a demo reel. Alternatively you can mail hard copies to: 1918 Main St. Floor 2, Santa Monica CA 90405

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