Network Sim / Sim Cluster

I was wondering If any of you have messed around with network simulation for realflow, What methods you have used, and what got you the best results.

All I have found Is this:
Summary: The basic theory is that you run the simulation on multiple computers with a lower resolution and a slightly different seed values. Then bring in all the particle caches and mesh them together.

I am planning to develop a script/program to automate this process but before I do I wanted to find out some more current information and ask around. If you are interested in such a script, what are some of the things that you would like to be included.

Here are the features that I am Planning:
Settings to Pick which machines on network to simulate from
Automated/Manual Input of seed values
Test Sequence to Approximate Speed of Machines
Automated / Manual Distribution of load
Automated moving of files and Centralization of Caches
Automated Alert System (cell phone / email : Errors, Completion, Restart)
At Completion Start Realflow on Main Workstation with files loaded and ready to mesh

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