Blood spray effect

I’ve been tasked with creating blood spray for a video game and I’m wondering what y’all think the best option would be for this. It’s a realistic styled game, but they’ve requested over the top blood spray. To be specific I’m looking for a blood spray from a semi-auto rifle. Any help would be much appreciated. I have access to Maya, RealFlow and Houdini. I’ve worked in RealFlow for this so far. What I’ve got doesn’t look like I want it to exactly. I’ve taken a ball of settled particles, and then shot it out with 3 different wind daemons from behind it. One pointed straight at its back, one point at a 45 degree up and one pointed at a 45 degree down. I’ve also tried shooting a rigid body at that same ball of particles, but that didn’t look great either. Any suggestions of other ways to do this that might get more of what I’m looking for?
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