Expert Programmers Reviews required..

I was reading about PYMEL

I see it says do more with code less, on the other hand wheni had a look at what pymel is importing , its importing everything


from pymel import * # safe to import into main namespace
for x in ls( type='transform'): >> # connection operator <> # disconnection operator
    x.tx.disconnect() # smarter methods (all conn. broken when no arg passed)
    x.rotate.set( 1, 1, 1 )
    move( x, [1, 2, 3] )
    trans = x.translate.get()
    trans *= x.scale.get() # vector math
    x.translate.set(trans) # ability to pass list/vector args
    mel.myMelScript( x.type(), trans) # automatic handling of mel commands
    print x.longName() # object oriented design
    print sceneName().namebase # path manipulation

so how efficient do you think PYMEL Might be if anyone here has tried a hand on it…

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