Interactive video soft tool

Hi everybody, we are a Russian software team, developed a software for interactive (clickable) video creation. Actio editor. I know it sounds like advertisements, but it is not! Any technology has to fight its way to the market and it is professionals to decide if this tech or tool worth living or not. That is why I’m writing this post. Please help us with your advices and support. It is obviously unbelievably difficult task to enter the market with a new tool for video editing, although it is very innovative like ours. So what you can do with our software?

  • Any object on the video can be clickable.
  • Put any flash programs inside your video.
  • Add additional info for any object or person
  • Make non-linear adventure video games or astonishing advertisements.
  • Make any objects in the video clickable.
  • Make non-linear video with multiple story-lines.
  • Upload your videos and distribute it over the web for free

Any object on the video can be clickable.

Give Actio Editor a try to see how easy it can be to edit and create clickable videos!

Thanks for your help! And I hope our software will be helpfull to you.

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